Jean-Baptiste E. Thomas

Jonas Nordström

Emma Risén

Maria E. Malmström

Fredrik Gröndahl

Published article

The perception of aquaculture on the Swedish West Coast, Ambio 2018, 47:398–409.

Efforts are on the way on the Swedish West Coast to develop the capacity for cultivation of marine resources, notably of kelps. Given that this is a region of great natural and national heritage, public opposition to marine developments has been identified as a possible risk factor. This survey thus sought to shed light on awareness levels, perceptions of different types of aquaculture and on reactions to a scenario depicting future aquaculture developments on the West Coast.

When asked about their general opinions of aquaculture, respondents tended to be favourable though a majority chose neutral responses. On the whole, respondents were favourable to the depicted scenario. Finally, it was found that the high-awareness group tended to be more supportive than the low or medium-awareness groups, hinting at the benets of increasing awareness to reduce public aversion and to support a sustainable development of aquaculture on the Swedish West Coast.