CAPRI - a model of the European agricultural sector and world trade with agricultural goods

Since 1999, AgriFood participates in an international network of researchers supported by the EU commission for developing and applying the agricultural sector model CAPRI (Common Agricultural Policy Regionalized Impact analysis). The model is developed with the aim of assessing impacts of changes in the common agricultural policy, CAP.

CAPRI is based upon the assumption that farmers are maximizing the profits of their businesses, constrained by the supply of agricultural land and by technical conditions for crop nutrient balances and animal feeding requirements. 250 European regions and 50 production activities are included in the model which also contains econometrically estimated functions, in particular for supply and demand in regions outside of Europe.

The key results are changes in acreages of crops and animal herd sizes and changes in input usage due to agricultural policy reforms. Thanks to its world trade component and details about production technology, it is also useful for analysing changes in trade policies and environmental instruments. For example, indicators such as crop nutrients surpluses and agricultural greenhouse gas emissions can be computed.

The CAPRI model has its own web page, providing more technical background material as well as links to published analyses based on the model:

Responsible: Torbjörn Jansson 


Torbjörn Jansson

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