AgriPoliS - an agent-based model of regional agricultural structures

The Agricultural Policy Simulator (AgriPoliS) is being continuously developed by the Leibniz Institute of Agricultural Development in Central and Eastern Europe (IAMO) in Halle, Germany. The main purpose of the model is to understand how farm structures change within a region in response to different policies. AgriFood cooperates with IAMO in both the application and extension of AgriPoliS, particularly for evaluating the effects of CAP on agricultural landscapes, biodiversity and ecosystem services.

Unique for AgriPoliS is that it models the entire population of farms in a region and their competition for agricultural land. It is a spatial model taking into account the location of farms and field structure. For this reason it is suitable for modelling not only developments in farm structure and production, but also the environmental effects of policy changes.

Results generated by AgriPoliS at both the farm and regional levels include: areas and yields of crops, types and numbers of livestock, developments in farm specialization and size, profits from agriculture and off-farm income, labour hours, input usage, land rental prices, investments and a full range of accounting data. Environmental results include changes in: land-use, landscape mosaic, number of species (biodiversity), nutrient balances, pesticide usage, soil carbon storage and soil fertility.

The model has its own web page, providing more technical background material as well as links to published analyses based on AgriPoliS:

Responsible: Mark Brady 


Mark Brady

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