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Current projects


Coherent policies and governance of the Baltic Sea Ecosystems - Go4Baltic
BioInsure - Biodiversitet och ekosystemtjänster som försäkring mot framtida vädervariationer
Cost-effective support to organic farming to benefit biodiversity and ecosystem services (EcoCost)
Brexit impacts on European agriculture – who are winners and losers?
Farm2Forest - Effects of agricultural policy reform on biodiversity and ecosystem services in mixed farming-forestry landscapes
Policies for preserving semi-natural pasture
Governing sustainable land-use in a changing climate
Climate policies for bioenergy and food production - Clip by Food
Low-Input Farming and Territories (LIFT) – Integrating knowledge for improving ecosystem-based farming
Biodiversity as an input - boosting food production without ravaging the environment?
Environmental support to farmers – how does it affect economic performance?
Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems (SURE Farm)
Regional efficiency of Swedish agriculture
Strategies for development of farm business - driving forces and economic effects


Governing farm production by demand – the case of dairy products
Cost-Benefit-analysis of discarding the Swedish salmonella control program
Economic policy instruments for sustainable consumption
What happens when developing countries lose access to unilateral trade preferences?


Coexisting with large carnivores - the case of seals
Fishing for nutrients – how can fishermen contribute to decreasing eutrophication of the Baltic Sea?
Does the investment support generate more investments in the Swedish fish processing and aquaculture industries?
European Union fishing access agreements and fishery exports of African countries
Direct costs for seal damages in Swedish commercial fisheries
MSC labeling and ex-vessel prices – the effects of a suspended MSC certification
Seaweed cultivation – benefits and costs
What could be learnt from the implementation of ITQ-systems in Nordic countries?

Rural Areas

Valuing changes in forest ecosystem services under alternative management scenarios
Small scale fisheries and thriving harbours: is there a value for the tourist sector?
Is there a need for an income stabilisation tool for Swedish farmers?