Evaluation of investment and processing support

The European Common Agricultural Policy intends to contribute to a vibrant countryside by financing measures that support rural development. These measures were found in the rural development programmes until the year 2022.

This project will assess the ability of the Swedish rural development programme to create long-term effects. The focus of the project is the support to investments and processing during the period 2014-2022: support for investments in agricultural holdings, support for investments in processing/marketing and/or development of agricultural products, and support for investments in creation and development of non-agricultural activities. The purpose of the analysis is to evaluate whether the support has affected the economic development of the firms that have received support. Using statistical methods and detailed firm level data, we will examine the effects of the support on, for example, competitiveness and job creation.

The project is part of the evaluation of the Common Agricultural Policy, financed by the Swedish Board of Agriculture. The project deadline is spring 2025.

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