Current Projects


Agriculture in crisis - when should the state step in and support?
Better agri-food trade modelling for policy analysis (BATMODEL)
CAP, biodiversity and ecosystem services in mixed farming-forestry landscapes (Farm2Forest)
Compensation for farmers’ carbon sequestration
Considering the socio-economic value of agricultural land in development decisions
Constraints on organic farming (CONSTRAINTS)
Policy instruments to reduce emission from livestock
Policy instruments to reduce emissions to air
Possible synergies between productivity and the environment
Production potential of agricultural biomass and policy instruments to promote a fossil-free society (LAND4BIOMASS)
Sustainability and structural change in Swedish dairy production
The "fit" between the agricultural practice and regulations
The competitiveness of Swedish farms


Protein shift in Sweden – production and consumption
Sustainability labeling – opportunities and difficulties
What happens when developing countries lose access to unilateral trade preferences?


An economic model for spatial analyses of Swedish commercial fisheries
Effects of a new energy directive on Swedish fisheries
Swedish aquaculture and the regulations of today and tomorrow – an economic perspective

Rural Areas

An increasing gender education gap – is it affecting the attractiveness of rural areas?
Fisheries and tourism in Nordic coastal communities
Living in cities or the countryside – higher welfare but lower costs
Saving countryside shops – does the special operating support work?

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