Current Projects


Agri-environmental payments based on results from simulation models
Better agri-food trade modelling for policy analysis (BATMODEL)
Biodiversity and ecosystem services as insurance against weather-related risks (BioInsure)
CAP, biodiversity and ecosystem services in mixed farming-forestry landscapes (Farm2Forest)
Compensation for organic production and farm profitability
Constraints on organic farming (CONSTRAINTS)
Does the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy promote the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals?
Does the neighbour's surplus of manure affect the likelihood of switching to organic production
Effects of ecological compensation on the environment and the economy
Efficient crop production for better profitability and environment
Impacts of the 2013 ”greening” reform on agricultural development, biodiversity and ecosystem services
Integrating knowledge for improving ecosystem-based farming (LIFT)
Organic farming, biodiversity and ecosystem services (EcoCost)
Policy tools for Baltic Sea nutrient management (TOOLS2SEA)
Production potential of agricultural biomass and policy instruments to promote a fossil-free society (LAND4BIOMASS)
Requirements for production methods for imports
Strategies for development of farm business - driving forces and economic effects
The competitiveness of Swedish farms
The environmental impacts of organic farming
Towards SUstainable and REsilient EU FARMing systems (SURE Farm)
Valuing changes in forest ecosystem services under alternative management scenarios
Wild boars and African swine fever


Economic policy instruments for sustainable consumption
Food and climate - studying consumer interest in climate friendly food
Governing farm production by demand – the case of dairy products
What happens when developing countries lose access to unilateral trade preferences?


Covid-19 effects in fisheries and aquaculture
Effects of eco-certification
Integrated management of seals and fisheries
Local or global prices for coastal cod fisheries in Sweden?
Underutilized species - a review

Rural Areas

Fisheries and tourism

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