Published article

Price Premiums for Providing Eco-labelled Seafood: Evidence from MSC-certified Cod in Sweden, Journal of Agricultural Economics (in print)

Authors: Johan Blomquist  Staffan Waldo  Valerio Bartolino 

Eco-labelled seafood is an important tool to promote sustainable development in fisheries. A price premium on eco-labelled seafood signals a return on investment in sustainable fishing methods, providing an incentive for fishers to adapt such methods.

This paper addresses whether Swedish fishermen gain a price premium from participating in the MSC-certified Swedish Eastern Baltic cod fishery in the period 2011-2012. Using a detailed dataset of landing tickets and log books, we apply a quasi-experimental identification strategy to estimate the MSC price premium. The conclusion from the analysis is that we find no evidence of a price premium for MSC-certified landings for the fishermen involved in the fishery.


Johan Blomquist

Staffan Waldo

Valerio Bartolino