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Impact of Seafood Imports on the EU Small-Scale Coastal Fleet, EUMOFA report

Imported seafood is an important component of EU seafood consumption and import prices of fish products may influence dockside prices, at least for fish heading for international markets. An interesting question is whether this is the case also for small-scale fisheries, where fish products often are sold locally. This study analyzes to what extent the price of imported cod affect prices in the Swedish small-scale cod fishery. The study also includes interviews with participants in the value chain for seafood imports.

The results show that price fluctuations of imported cod affect dockside prices in Sweden. Cod caught by the small-scale fishery and imported cod are substitutes implying that a lower import price would reduce the price paid to local fishers. This finding is confirmed by the interviews, even though there are examples of cod sold at local markets at a price premium.

The Swedish case study is part of a report analyzing the impact of seafood imports on small-scale fisheries in the EU. The report contains an analysis at the aggregate EU level and three in-depth case studies: cod in Sweden, octopus in Spain, and lobster in France.