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The Swedish Recreational Fishing Industry. Tourism in Marine Environments 6(4), pp 161-174.

Authors: Staffan Waldo  Anton Paulrud 

In the wake of the crisis for commercial fisheries, the possibility to support and develop economic activity from recreational fishing has gained increased political interest in Sweden. Promoting management actions that facilitate development of the industry requires knowledge about the current structure of the industry and companies’ views regarding future challenges. We address these topics using data from a mail survey sent to companies that derive at least part of their income from the Swedish recreational fishing industry. In total, the survey estimates that Sweden has approximately 1,300 companies in the industry with total revenues of 500 million SEK ( 1 _ SEK 9). The primary services provided by these companies include food and accommodation, guiding, boats, and access to fishing sites. A majority (about 55%) of the companies expect revenues to increase over the next 3 years, but still face a number of challenges to continued future development. Most significant are high labor costs, lack of large specimens of fish, lack of fish, marketing, and obtaining bank loans. The most preferred management actions were help with marketing and improved fisheries management.

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Staffan Waldo

Anton Paulrud