Coherent policies and governance of the Baltic Sea Ecosystems - Go4Baltic

The project "Go4Baltic" examines coherence, synergies and conflicts, between national and international environmental and agricultural policies across the Baltic countries. The aim is to provide policy relevant advice and recommendations for reductions of the eutrophication in the Baltic Sea in coherence with climate and agricultural policies.

AgriFood Economics Centre contributes to the project with analyses of the impact of agricultural and environmental policies on nutrient flows. Simulation results obtained with the CAPRI model are downscaled to the 1x1 km2 grid level, and in collaboration with project partners linked to hydrological nutrient flow models of the Baltic and the surrounding drainage basins. Ultimately, the project should contribute to the development of cost-efficient crop nutrient leakage abatement policies.

The project runs until spring 2020 and is financed by BONUS.

Responsible: Torbjörn Jansson 


Torbjörn Jansson

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