Prices of Norwegian lobster - how are they affected by increased creel fishing?

Bottom trawling of Norwegian lobster is prohibited in several areas in the Swedish North Sea due to its negative effects on the sea beds. In these areas, Norwegian lobster is instead fished with creels. Since creel-fished Norwegian lobster on average yield higher prices than trawled Norwegian lobster, and do not disturb sea beds, it may be interesting to expand the areas for creels. But with a larger amount of Norwegian lobster on the market, prices can fall.

In this project we investigate the relationship between the amount of Norwegian lobster sold and the prices on the Swedish market. We look at prices for creel-fished and trawled Norwegian lobster and investigate how buyers react when prices change. How buyers react will affect the prices the fishermen can expect if the amount of Norwegian lobster is increasing in the market.

The project will be in progress in 2019.

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