SLI-Report 2001:2

Evaluation of an Investment Aid to the Food Industry

Authors: Eva Kaspersson  Mats Marcusson 

SLI was commissioned by the Swedish government to conduct the ex post evaluation of measures under Council Regulation (EC) 951/97 on improving the processing and marketing conditions for agricultural products. The measures were valid during the period 1995-1999 and consisted of investment aid to food industries in order to improve the overall performance of the enterprises and to increase the amount of primary products delivered from the agriculturul sector.

The main result of the evaluation is that no positive effects of the investment aid could be found. The result indicates that the main part of the investments should have been carried out anyhow, as the Swedish membership in the EU required improved hygiene conditions in the food sector. Nor could any signs of increased deliveries of primary products to the food industry be identified.


Eva Kaspersson

Mats Marcusson

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