Agri-environmental payments for maintenances of varied agricultural landscape: Report for the Midterm evaluation of the Swedish Rural Development Programme 2007-2013. (Appendix)

Authors: Carolina Liljenstolpe 

In this report, methodologies in GIS are adopted in order to analyze how Agri-environmental payments have affected the varied agricultural landscape, such as inventoried meadows and grazing lands and Natura 2000 habitats. A regional analysis of the agri-environmental payments is performed with respect to the biodiversity as well as the economic profitability of the land management. Furthermore, the distribution of agri-environmental payments to Natura 2000 habitats is of specific interest here. The results indicate, even though small differences in the so called Natural Value Index, that there exists some differences in biological diversity between land that is managed with and without agri-environmental payments. As the average size of land also varies between regions, the profitability of lands with payments also differs between regions. However, the aspect of profitability does not seem to be most important decision criteria whether to cultivate valuable land or not. The agri-environmental payments for single values in Natura 2000 habitats have decreased since former programme period, which most likely can be explained by the newly introduced regulation with a maximum amount of 50 trees per hectare.


Carolina Liljenstolpe