Strategies for development of farm business - driving forces and economic effects

Farm business development is a cornerstone of dynamic agriculture. Farm business development helps firms to adapt to changing conditions encountered by market and institutional changes, and retain the interest of those working in agriculture. This creates conditions for long-term profitable farms.

This project aims at deepening knowledge about drivers of farm business development and about how different strategies for business development impact the economic outcome of the farms. Specifically the project will focus on the following questions:

  1. What are the drivers of different strategies for farm business development in Sweden? How do farmers chose among different strategies to reach different goals? What are the driving forces behind farmers' choices for farm business development?

  2. What are the economic implications of different types of strategies for farm business development?

In this project, Agrifood cooperates with Helena Hansson at the Department of Economics, SLU, Ove Karlsson from the Centre for Agricultural Business Management, SLU and Mattias Nordquist from the International Business Jönköping University. The project is financed by the Swedish farmers’ foundation for agricultural research, and will be finished in spring 2023.

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