Income development in rural and segregated areas in Sweden

Inequality in Sweden and other countries is increasing. The development has a clear geographical dimension where the differences increase both between rural areas and cities and within cities. This project analyses the income development in Sweden's most sparsely populated areas and Sweden's most ethnically segregated areas.

The project is a continuation of an earlier project about the income development in Sweden. The main result of that project was that Sweden's most densely populated area has had the best income development since the 1990s. This project deepens the study of income development in Sweden's most sparsely populated rural areas. Special consideration is given to the income of the non-employed population. Knowing that the most densely populated areas also contain the most ethnically segregated areas, it is interesting to deepen the analysis of the urban segregated areas.

The project is partly financed by KEFU and is expected to be completed in the autumn of 2021.

Responsible: Martin Nordin 


Martin Nordin

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