Collection of Prices for Fishing Rights

Individual Transferable Fishing Quotas (often referred to as ITQs) is a system for managing the fishing sector, which allows fishing companies to buy and sell fishing quotas among themselves. The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management (SwAM) is preparing a proposal for how such a system can be designed for Swedish demersal fisheries (fishing for species that live near the sea floor, such as cod, flounder, and shellfish).

The issue being analyzed in the project is whether the SwAM should collect price information. A review of the international literature on how prices for quotas have been gathered and used to analyze fisheries in other countries with similar systems is conducted. The results are discussed in a Swedish context on how national data collection can be structured to provide a good basis for monitoring the development of fisheries management.

The project is financed by the SwAM and will be finished in the spring 2024.

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