Disaggregated impacts of CAP reforms

The Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) is an important policy for the European Union and accounts for about 40 percent of the EU budget. Ever since its inception in 1958, the CAP has been regularly reviewed and adjusted to improve its performance and adapt to changing circumstances. At a time when the post-2013 future of the CAP is being discussed and major challenges such as food security and climate change lay ahead, it is important to review the impact of past reforms and to draw lessons for the design of future policies.

An OECD report has collected papers presented at the OECD Workshop on Disaggregated Impacts of CAP Reforms, in Paris 2010, which focused on recent reforms. In particular, the workshop examined the implementation of the single payment scheme and the transfer of funds between different measures. Special attention was also paid to reforms of the sugar and dairy sectors with respect to the quota system and the restructuring of both these industries.

AgriFood Economics Centre has contributed with the following chapters to the report:

  • The economic impact of allowing partial decoupling under the 2003 CAP reforms
  • The impact of decoupling and modulation in the European Union: a sectorial and farm level assessment
  • The impact of CAP reform on the environment: some regional results

Disaggregated Impacts of CAP Reforms: OECD Workshop Proceedings

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