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Food security in Europe, kapitel i The European Union Facing the Challenges of Multiple Security Threats (redaktörer A. Bakardjieva Engelbrekt, A. Michalski, N. Nilsson och L. Oxelheim).

Författare: Christian Jörgensen  Joakim Gullstrand 

Europe has continuously experienced improved food security since World War II. People are by large enjoying food safety and as food consumers their purchasing power has continuously improved. However, challenges ahead are gradually looming on a global scale due to population growth, climate change and an increasing competition for finite natural resources such as land and water. At the same time the technology driven European food supply, with small emergency reserves, is vulnerable to hostile foreign powers and terrorism.

The chapter analyses how food security challenges can be mitigated and how food security is interlinked with climate change, political unrest and national security. Policies targeting food production efficiency in terms of the use of energy, water and land food production and other parts of the economy in the EU and third countries is demonstrated to be vital to overcome challenges in the long run. Furthermore, increasing public emergency reserves may be motivated, depending on the scope of threats and conflicts on European soil.

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Christian Jörgensen

Joakim Gullstrand