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Interactions between Fisheries and Tourism in the Nordic Countries, Rapport TemaNord 2023:518, Nordiska rådet

Författare: Staffan Waldo  Margrethe Aanesen  Ceren Ahi  Anna Andersson  Johan Blomquist  Tuija Lankia  Max Nielsen  Rasmus Nielsen  Heidi Pokki 

In this report, we analyse tourist destinations in the Nordic countries that attract visitors through some kind of fishing related activities. This could be either destinations providing recreational fishing opportunities or coastal villages with a genuine fishing atmosphere provided by commercial fisheries. The report contains case studies from Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The Swedish and Danish case studies analyse if commercial fisheries attract tourists to local fishing communities. The conclusion from the Swedish case study is that harbours with high commercial fishing activity also have high tourism activity measured as restaurant turnover. However, it is not possible to establish a causal relationship proving that fisheries attract tourists. In the Danish case study, on the other hand, it is shown that more fishing activity by commercial fisheries leads to more overnight stays in Danish coastal areas.

The Finnish case study focuses on recreational fishing for salmon in the River Teno. The results emphasize the importance of the salmon stock in attracting fishing tourists. The Norwegian case study focuses on tourists who visited Lofoten during 2020–2021. The main conclusion from a survey among the tourists is that they would be willing to pay more for a visit to Lofoten if it included the opportunity to visit a seafood market, and even more if it also gave the opportunity to participate in a seafood festival.

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Staffan Waldo

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Ceren Ahi

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Anna Andersson

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Johan Blomquist

Tuija Lankia

Max Nielsen

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Heidi Pokki