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Non-market values of algae beach-cast management - Study site Trelleborg, Sweden, Ocean & Coastal Management 140 (2017), s. 59-67

Författare: Emma Risén  Jonas Nordström  Maria E. Malmström  Fredrik Gröndahl 

Eutrophication is one of the most serious global threats to coastal areas. One effect of eutrophication is seasonal macroalgal blooms. As a consequence, large amounts of beach-cast algae are today reported from coastal areas worldwide.

In this study, we analyze nonmarket benefits by capturing local residents' Willingness To Pay (WTP) for an environmental program to regularly remove and utilize beach-cast algae to produce bioenergy and biofertilizer.

Results indicate a considerable WTP among local residents in the Baltic Sea study site. This WTP estimate together with a potential increase in non-resident beach tourism amounts to potentially substantial welfare benefits from the environmental program. These benefits could encourage similar environmental programs in the future.

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Emma Risén

Jonas Nordström

Maria E. Malmström

Fredrik Gröndahl